Sonja Lee Band


Sonja Lee Band


Sonja Lee


Robert Goldtooth Ray


Grant Wilson

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The Sonja Lee Band


Sonja’s smoky vocals are backed by the Sonja Lee Band, comprised of extremely talented veteran and younger musicians.

Robert Goldtooth Ray has played bass for more than 45 years. He is a master of his craft, adding a special distinction to the music with his tasty feel and style.

Grant Wilson is another seasoned musician who has played drums pretty much since birth. His subtle, yet intricate rhythms are a hit with young and old alike and make him one of the area’s most appreciated drummers.

Walt Burkett's broad range of styles on the guitar is central to the band's ability to appeal to different musical tastes. Walt has played in local bands for years, covering tunes from rock and R&B to country and jazz. He is well versed in what it takes to appeal to a wide audience base and is thrilled to be a member of the Sonja Lee Band.

Finally, the band's newest member, Conner Helms on keyboard/piano adds further dimension and texture to the band with his youthful energy and expressive playing. Conner's enthusiasm for the genres of jazz and blues is contagious and his improvisation sublime. Conner is currently attending WWU and enjoys giving private music lessons to local youth. He also plays saxophone.

The Sonja Lee Band is polished and professional. Everything fits together nicely. The jazz is sweet, the kind of jazz you like to listen to instead of put up with. The dance tunes will get people up and moving. And the blues… let’s just say you ain't really heard the blues until you've heard Sonja Lee.


The Sonja Lee Band holds a soft spot in its communal heart for saxophonist Thomas Erastus Harris, who Sonja began playing with when he was just 16 years old. Now performing internationally, Thomas continues to play with the Sonja Lee Band when he is in the area.


 Walt Burkett

Thomas Harris